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Hannah Dougherty is a passionate film maker working predominantly on short films, fashion films, television commercials and music videos. She has worked on films all over Australia as well as creating music videos and campaign films in New York and Paris. Her first role in the industry was designing animated television commercials and since then she worked for various post production companies for an array of different clients and taken on the roles of writer, director, cinematographer, animator, editor and even actor. Her mission has been to learn the many languages of film in order to communicate with her cast, crew and audience to create engaging stories and this has seen her working with a variety of storytelling mediums from live action and hand painted animation to puppetry. Hannah has had four short films selected to screen in international film festivals such as Down Under Berlin, Vancouver International Film Festival, IndieFlicks UK, Brooklyn Women's Film Festival and the Utah Arts Festival with 'Mates' receiving an award at Vancouver International Women In Film Festival. Her most recent film 'Theo and Celeste won the People's Choice Award at IndieFlicks UK and is currently on the festival circuit after having been chosen to screen at TedX Sydney 2018.
'Theo and Celeste' Short Film. Co-writer, director, cinematographer (2018)
Official Selection - Vancouver International Film Festival, IndieFlicks UK, TedX Sydney, Vimeo Staff Picks
'Mates' Short film. One woman film, all cast and crew (2017)
Official Selection - Winner; Best Editing Vancouver International Women In Film Festival, Utah Arts Festival, Brooklyn Women's Film Festival, For Film's Sake Sydney, Short and Sweet Sydney. 
'Guerilla Bay' Short film. Writer, director, cinematographer, editor (2017)
Official Selection - Down Under Berlin
'The Last Drag' Short film. Writer, director, editor (2014)
Official Selection - Fear No Film Festival Utah, Filmstock Colorado.

'Sublime' Music Video. Co-director, cinematographer (2017)
Official Selection - Clipped Festival

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