Produced by Leva Lorenz and Hannah Dougherty
Cinematography by Neil Gordon and Hannah Dougherty
Associate Producer Baltazer Veljkovic
Edited by Hannah Dougherty

Created for Sotheby's London

‘Can we Have a Moment? Three Decades of Photographs in Britain’ features over thirty works by Mary McCartney, taken by McCartney on her mother’s camera, and spanning from the beginning of her career to today. As a selection of portraits, still-lifes and landscapes, the exhibition provides a rare insight into McCartney's perception of the world, weaving together an intimate portrayal of the places, people, and objects that hold significance for the artist. McCartney has captured spontaneous slices of life in Britain that seem to leap off the walls and form an intricate narrative that expands beyond the single frozen frame in which the photo was taken.
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