Client Sotheby's
Role Director, Producer, Cinematographer

'This idea where one man designs and builds a complete watch from start to finish. That's something that George did and I will do probably till the day I drop dead.'
- Roger Smith
Watchmaker Roger Smith and Daryn Schnipper, Senior Vice President of the Sotheby's Watch Division, recount fond memories with the great watchmaker and pioneer of the co-axial escapement, George Daniels. From his time at Sotheby's to his collaboration with Roger Smith, he left a deep impression on those around him. The art of independent watch making which bloomed from the practice of George Daniels continues to live on through the workshop of Roger Smith today.
Watches by George Daniels and Roger Smith are truly unique in their visionary philosophy, quality of craftsmanship, rarity and history. It is impossible not to mention Roger Smith when discussing George Daniels, as it is impossible not to mention Daniels when discussing Smith. Certainly, such has been the case with watches by both makers that have appeared on the market thus far.

Directed/Produced by Hannah Dougherty

2nd Producer Richard Brunner
Cinematography by
Hannah Dougherty, Richard Brunner, Louis Brennan
Associate Producer Baltazar Veljković

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